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Where Family Meets Fashion: Gunner & Lux

Where Family Meets Fashion:  Gunner & Lux

One of our favorite jewelry brands is Gunner & Lux, which is run by Riley, age 8, and John, her dad. Even though Riley hasn’t yet hit double digits, she’s been featured in Vogue and Refinery29. Riley and John have sold their necklaces to over 500 boutiques, as well as major retailers such as Nordstrom and Barneys. If you haven’t checked out their Instagram yet, you definitely should (@gunnerandlux)! You will be entertained for hours with adorable videos featuring John and Riley’s witty sense of humor, most likely filmed by super-dad William. We hope that this interview will convey the personality of the brand and showcase the process of fashion, family and fun coming together!

I know that the Gunner & Lux journey began when your daughter was born, and now she helps design the jewelry. Are the Gunner & Lux designs growing through her developing fashion sense? Where do you see this creative outlet taking her?  

Riley has always had a strong opinion on what she likes and doesn’t like. When she was making her first necklaces and selling them at her lemonade stand, she knew she wanted bright neon pink string, fun charms, and lots of tassels! I think as she grows, as she continues to explore the fashion world, she will definitely get more and more inspiration from what she sees around her. Lots of her ideas come from the summer camps she attends, the books she reads, the people she meets, her friends. She does love checking Instagram, scrolling through all the fashion styles and the outfits of the day, so I am sure lots of that is spilling over into some of her ideas for new jewelry. -John

Jewelry design is a relatively new passion of yours. What has been the most surprising part of developing a new skill in a short amount of time? -Little Birdies

I started making jewelry when I was 5 years old. I turn 9 in August so I feel like I have been doing this for awhile. I love coming up with new ideas. My dad and I have really tried to explore new things as well, like t-shirts and collaborating with other amazing artists! I think the most surprising thing for me has been learning how you have to work so far in advance for each season. -Riley

All of your products have a personal touch. What has been the piece of jewelry or product that has meant the most to you?

I really love our newest necklaces: the poodle, lamb, zebra…and our new holiday necklaces that are coming out are going to be awesome! -Riley

What happened that made you bridge the gap between this being a hobby and this being a production?

I think once we put my necklaces on the website and businesses started calling us to sell in their stores, it really exploded. My dad had to quit his job! -Riley

What product is your daughter’s favorite right now?

Riley wears our t-shirts everyday and she obviously loves wearing her jewelry. But I’m not sure she has a favorite necklace. Sometimes she wears her very first necklaces she made, and then switches it up and wears two or three necklaces at time! –John

What is next for Gunner & Lux?

We have some really fun collaborations coming up and as Riley said, lots of fun Fall and Holiday Jewelry coming out! -John

Stop by Gunner & Lux to learn more about the creative vision behind the brand and all their upcoming events and collaborations. 


 gunner and lux pearl the panda necklacegunner and lux bff necklacegunner and lux sunshine necklacegunner and lux mini fashionista


Riley's first visit to Little Birdies a few years ago!  How cute is she?!


Xxo, Haley + Shanlee


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