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Meet Emily of Textured Design Co.

Emily Kirby Texture Design Co. - Little Birdies

Hi Emily, Tell us a little about you and your business. Did you always know you wanted to be a designer?

In high school I knew I wanted to be a designer and create beauty, but it took many years to find the career I’m in now. After jobs in interior design, book cover design, brand and logo creation, and a short stint in the wedding paper industry, I found my passion for designing paper goods and gifts for others to enjoy. The most accurate term for what I do now is surface pattern design.


What advice do you have for young aspiring business women in your field?

Start by taking baby steps, and eventually you’ll be amazed how far you’ve come! You won’t know everything when you start, and that is absolutely okay. I’ve been designing products for 10 years, and I still have so much to learn. I remember setting up my first meeting with a local boutique to see if they wanted to purchase Texture Design Co. wholesale. My stomach began doing somersaults when they ended the meeting by submitting a very large order. I really wasn’t expecting them to place an order, much less a large order. I left their office stunned and trying to figure out how I was actually going to fulfill their order! With the pressure on, I quickly found printing companies and other resources for creating bulk orders. So in summary, be okay with on-the-job learning, and recognize that great knowledge comes from what others would consider failures.

Emily Kirby Texture Design Co. - Little Birdies


Are you working on anything special right now?

Last year I released a new collection of stationery and stickers entitled Sherbet Painted Streets. The collection started with illustrations of Charleston streets in yummy sherbet colors. I’ve added a few local towns to the mix, but I’m VERY excited to start working on new cities outside of our area. The plan is for this collection to continue to grow.
II’m also antcy about a new collaboration releasing in August. When you mainly work by yourself, it is always fun to team up with another brand for a project!



What are some of your favorite subjects to paint or draw?

You’ll usually find me painting or drawing florals, city scapes, or anything related to the water! I have a series of Flower Box drawings that Texture Design Co. has become known for. Painting florals or anything associated with the coast is usually the most relaxing for me.
Emily Kirby Texture Design Co. - Little Birdies

Where do you find your inspiration?

I live in Charleston, South Carolina; a city overflowing with charm, beauty and inspiration. If you’ve been to this historic harbor town, you are familiar with the inviting pastel colors that illuminate the historic architecture. You can find the same cheerful colors throughout my artwork. Every walk down the cobblestone streets provides inspiration for color and subject matter!
Growing up, we spent almost all family vacations boating and fishing along the southeast coast. Because of these young memories and the waterfront location of Charleston, you can often see coastal and nautical themes enter my artwork as well.

Most of your products are for sale.  Where can we find your work?

The best place to find my products is through my website. For retailers, you can also find my designs on Faire. (links below) If you’re in downtown Charleston, be sure to visit The Preservation Society, Candlefish, Indigo Home, and The Tiny Tassel to find Texture Design Co’s products in person!





As a mom with her own business, what does your schedule look like?

As a mom and a business owner, I have to be flexible. Today, for example, our son was sick, and couldn’t go to school. So I changed up my work plans, and prioritized anything that had to be done today and anything I could do WITH him. The rest could wait until tomorrow! We have two toddlers, so normally I try to only work during their preschool hours or during nap times. I know as they get older, I’ll have more time to work, but I also want to enjoy these younger years where they are at home. It is all about balance and keeping priorities straight. Some days I do better at this than others!


Emily Kirby Textured Design Co. - Little Birdies

About Texture Design Co.
Texture Design Co. is a Charleston, SC based design studio established by Emily Kirby. Our mission is to create products that help people live joyfully and love others. Our desire is to provide high-quality designs, while also striving for excellent client relationships.

The name Texture comes from the elements of design. Be it a greeting card, a piece of furniture, or an old photograph, the things we treasure have a particular texture that gives us a feeling or brings back a memory. At Texture Design Co., our hope is that our designs will do just that!


Emily Kirby Texture Design Co. - Little Birdies



About Emily

I have always been creative-minded, and I think that creativity was instilled in me by my grandmothers! Even from a young age, I can vividly remember painting with one grandmother and learning to sew purses from the other. Later in life, those experiences inspired a love for decorating, which led me to pursue a degree in interior design at the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!). My studies in the field landed me a job on King Street in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, and I quickly fell in love not only with the city, but the textures, patterns, and color selection associated with my work.

Instagram: @TextureDesignCo
Emily Kirby Texture Design Co. - Little Birdies


Emily Kirby Texture Design Co. - Little Birdies






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