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Stylish Nurseries

Dina Bandman nursery design Lemonade Stand

Meet New York City interior designer Elizabeth Gill! After working in high-end residential interior design, she opened her own full-service interior decorating firm,  specializing in modern spaces with classic elements. We are so excited to share Elizabeth's favorite nurseries with you!

Lemonade Lullaby by Dina Bandman
Whether you are planning for either a baby boy or a baby girl, nurseries are becoming more & more about the comfort of both baby and you, mama! Focus primarily on a few key pieces that you will utilize the most, then layer with small trinkets & gifts from your baby shower, from  trips that you & your partner took prior to baby -- essentially any meaningful items that bring you joy. 
The crib is always the main event, but you should also consider a very well-made & comfortable rocker and ottoman, too (these do not have to be matchy matchy, but keep in mind ottomans should always be 1-2" lower than the chair itself). I suggest beginning with an inspiration image and then collaborating with a designer to help you achieve the look you want.
Framed art can go a long way in terms of decor and adding a colorful wall in your nursery - Consider fun colors for the matting and frames too! Don't be intimidated to create a gallery wall, wallpaper the room, or create a hand-painted mural. Performance fabrics are a practical option for upholstered pieces, which are stain resistant (Kravet and Thibaut have some great options!), or you can choose a linen cotton blend if you prefer no chemicals (try Pindler & Pindler or Colefax & Fowler fabrics).
If you're searching for a great registry for baby gear and accessories to complete your baby haven, then I highly recommend Little Birdies Boutique, an upscale children's clothing and accessories boutique that also offers custom in-house monogramming!
Photo: Joshua McHugh


Photo: Shared via Sophie Patterson


For more nursery inspiration visit Elizabeth's Nursery Pinterest Board


FromTheRugUp Elizabeth Gill


Photo: Marco Ricca 


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