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Le Chef’s Wife Easy French Crêpe Recipe ( Toddler proof!)

Le Chef’s Wife Easy French Crêpe Recipe ( Toddler proof!)

Bonjour mes Amis!

This week we are joining the Georgetown BID in hosting this years Virtual Georgetown French Market from May 1-8. 
More than 15 locally-owned boutiques, cafés, and galleries along the charming Book Hill corridor of Wisconsin Avenue will offer online retail and restaurant promotions, in addition to virtual story time and music for children, and a French baking demonstration.
Ten percent of sales will benefit COVID-19 relief on behalf of two local non-profits: Martha’s Table, distributing groceries to economically disadvantaged children and families; and Christ Child Opportunity Shop, providing children and families in need with diapers, clothing and supplies.
Today, our very special guests are a few of our Georgetown favorites.  Anina Belle Giannini, her husband Sebastien and daughter Valentina here to show us how to make French crépes.

Le Chef’s Wife Easy French Crêpe Recipe ( Toddler proof!)
By: Anina Belle Giannini

le chefs wife crepe making in pineapple sunshine pink gingham pajamaLe Chef’s Wife French Crêpe Recipe. A lazy Saturday morning at home in pjs. (Pineapple Sunshine Pjs )

Le Chef, as I lovingly refer to my French husband, and I knew immediately upon moving to DC that Georgetown would be our “quartier” (neighborhood). We love working in Georgetown during the week (both at Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC) but we also find ourselves back almost every weekend too.

So many aspects of Georgetown remind us of our life in the South of France. The beautiful tree lined streets, the restaurants with little terraces perfect for people watching while enjoying a chilled glass of Rosé, the shopkeepers with charming boutiques who recognize you when you come in. A true “joie de vivre” (joy of life) in the nation’s capital.

Anina Belle and Sebastian Gianinni at the Four Seasons Eno Bar
Sunday afternoons at the Rosé Garden at ENO Wine Bar, Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC

Anina Belle Gianinni at Little Birdies Boutique in Georgetown

Always a warm welcome at one of our favorites, Little Birdies Boutique


Only a few days after our daughter was born our first outing was to Georgetown. We shopped for Bébé at Little Birdies Boutique and picked up some macarons at Ladurée.

Needless to say, Georgetown is like a French Market every day of the year for us. So when Georgetown dresses up for French Market Days, we really let our French Flag Fly!


Sebastian and Anina Belle Gianinni at the Georgetown French Market

Georgetown French Market 2018


This year, of course, is different, but we are happy to mark the occasion and offer our support to the community we love. When Shanlee of Little Birdies Boutique asked me to share a recipe in support of Georgetown French Market I couldn’t think of anything more perfect than a Saturday morning making French Crêpes with my daughter to celebrate.

While there are many ways to make French Crêpes, the recipe we use the most in our household is also the easiest. Impossible to forget and so straightforward that even our now two and a half year old daughter can make the batter. The result; light and spongy golden Crêpes that will make everyone smile.

Le Chef’s Wife Easy French Crêpes Recipe
These Crêpes are truly as easy to make as 1-2-3.
1 cup of Flour
2 cups of Milk
3 large eggs


Le Chef's Wife Anina Belle Gianinni Crepe making tutorial
Our daughter insists on cracking the eggs with varying degrees of success…)


Whisk 3 large eggs in a bowl with 2 cups of milk. Sift 1 cup of flour into the egg & milk mixture. Whisk together until smooth. Add a pinch of salt. For flavor I like to add in some lemon zest or half a teaspoon of pure Vanilla extract. A tablespoon of Grand Marnier would also make an excellent adult addition. Feel free to add the flavoring you wish but they are also yummy without. Pas de stress!

Four Seasons French Head Chef Sebastian Gianinni Whisking the batter with a little help from Papa)


This batter is excellent when it sits over night, but honestly, I rarely have the foresight to do this. Most times I whip up the Crêpe batter as the butter is melting in the pan, ready for the first Crêpe.


 Anina Belle and Sebastian Giannini Crepe making turtorial


How to cook the Crêpes
Prepare a Crêpe pan (or simply a non-stick frying pan) with a pat of butter on medium heat and then spoon a small ladle full of batter onto the pan as you swirl the pan around to make a thin, round Crêpe. There should be just a paper thin layer of batter over the pan. When the batter starts to bubble, it is time to give a quick flip with a spatula. If you have an thin icing spatula this works best. Cook until golden. I like to have 2 pans going at the same time for efficiency. I also like to add a fresh pat of butter to the pan for each Crêpe, always being careful not to let the pan get too hot. Pile up the cooked Crêpes as you go on a cookie sheet in the oven (set to the lowest heat possible). This recipe makes about 10-12 Crêpes and can easily be doubled or tripled!
Bon Appétit


Head Chef Four Seasons Georgetown Sebastian Giannini Crepe Making Tutorial French Market

Toddler and Chef approved!


Serve once you have made Crêpes with all of the batter so that you can actually sit and enjoy with your family. I like to pour maple syrup on my Crêpes, Le Chef likes his with just butter while our daughter prefers peach jam or Nutella!
Au plaisir,
Le Chef’s Wife


Anina Belle Gianinni with daughter Valentina wearing Rachel Riley dress from Little Birdies Boutique

 The author and her daughter, Valentina this spring. Wearing a Strawberry print dress by Rachel Riley and red patent shoes made by Elephantito from Little Birdies Boutique


 Anina Belle Giannini is Canadian/American hotelier and writer. She lives with her husband, Chef Sebastien Giannini, and their daughter in McLean, Virginia. They are expecting their second child in September 2020. Follow @lechefswife on instagram or at for easy to make French Recipes and tips for living a French Riviera inspired life in the USA.




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