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Mom Crush Monday-Artist Lanie Mann

Artist Lanie Mann in her home art studio

Artist, mom of three and entrepreneur, Lanie Mann, shares her love for art with us.

Did you always know you wanted to be an artist?
I always enjoyed art and studied art history - but didn't think of it as more than a hobby until later in my life. 
I worked in advertising for about 5 years - but realized I really wanted to do something more creative and on my own terms. When I had my twins, I stopped working and stayed home with them. It was when they started school that I started painting again. Friends started asking for the artwork I had hanging on my walls - and it kind of grew from there. It was never in my plans sell my art - nor did I think it was possible. 
Do you do commissioned pieces?
Yes, the majority of my work is now commission based. More info about the process is available on my website -
We've seen some of your work at Anthropologie, are you working on any collabs right now?
I still sell a couple of prints at Anthropologie. Also, I am part of the Capital Artist Collective - through them I have original artwork for sale at Serena and Lily and One Kings Lane.
Lanie Mann art
Do you sell prints of your artwork for those wanting your gorgeous work but might be on a smaller budget?
I have a few prints of earlier work for sale through Artfully Walls/Anthropologie.
What advice would you give a young artist or someone who wants to paint but feels a little intimidated?
Take a beginner class with a friend - this will teach you the basics and give you a foundation to start experimenting at home. Also - you can break the rules - so much of painting is playing and experimenting. 
Where do you find your inspiration?
I find inspiration from artists I've studied, beautiful interiors, nature, color combinations I see. 
Where can we shop for your artwork?
You can find my art at Capital Artist Collective (DC), The Collective Dallas, G&G Interiors (Knoxville), Art Chalet (Highlands, NC) and online at Serena and Lily and One King's Lane.
What is your favorite color right now?
I've been gravitating towards mustardy gold - in combo with light blue/king's blue. 
Do you have any decorating advice?
Large artwork truly brings life to a room.
artist lanie mann
Photo by Helen Norman
About Lanie Mann

"Art has been a part of my life from the very beginning. I was raised in North Carolina where my mother, an artist and art teacher, filled my childhood with projects and books and conversations about color and composition. Later, I took studio classes, studied art history and lived abroad in Florence where my passion for painting became clear.


I am inspired daily by the beauty in nature, photography, fashion and interiors and am drawn to colors and arrangements that are clean, fresh and balanced.


My preferred mediums are acrylic, oil, watercolor and ink, and I use canvases of all sizes to explore color and energy in abstract pieces, to capture light in sea and landscapes and to reflect the spirit of children in unposed moments and natural settings.


My paintings are loose and layered—purposely imperfect, and my goal is to create pieces that spark connections, ignite curiosity and make people happy. I am an optimistic person by nature, so I want my work to be bright, uplifting and invigorating. I think art should breathe life into every space.


My work has been included in exhibitions at Chesapeake Framing and Art, Wilson Boland Design, Little Birdies Boutique, and has been featured in national publications and blogs including Anthropologie, The Cottage Journal, Style Me Pretty, MintwoodHome and the Washingtonian. You can find my paintings with the Capital Artist Collective in Washington, DC, at The Collective Dallas,  GALLERYVIBE in Naples, FL, and at G&G Interiors in TN."


Lanie currently lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband, twin sons, and daughter.

"I never know where life or my art will take me next, I’m always excited to find out"


Lanie Mann Art


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