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Holiday Photo Ideas from the Little English Team

Holiday Photo Ideas from the Little English Team

How to choose outfits for Family Holiday photos by Little English

How to Choose Outfits for Family Holiday Photos


It’s almost time to send out family Christmas cards! It’s so special to get the family all dressed up and take professional photos that you can keep forever.


However, a lot of work goes into getting the perfect smiling shot! Not only do you have to wrangle (and probably bribe) the kiddos to smile, but you also have to find perfectly coordinating outfits for the entire family.


Here are a few tips for getting everyone looking spiffy, without stressing yourself out (too much)!


  1. Find a pattern you love


Adding pattern gives photos dynamic interest. For holiday, we love plaid! Plus, a plaid shirt usually has several colors you can use to coordinate outfits for other family members.


Little English’s Frierson Plaid (available here at Little Birdie’s Boutique!) is a great option for family photos! The bright red feels Christmas-y, but because it’s paired with navy, you’ll be able to use these photos all year! Plus, there are several coordinating style options for boys and girls!


  1. Find coordinating outfits for mom and dad


Once you find a pattern you love, you’ll be able to select solid outfits that coordinate. Using the Frierson Plaid from Little English, we found a navy dress for mom and a navy wool sport coat for dad that both look great with the children’s looks.


Opting for solid colors for the adults makes finding an outfit so much easier!


  1. Accessorize!


As designer Michael Kors once said, “The perfect accessory can make the different between looking blah and totally to die for.” You want your photos to be to die for, so don’t skimp on the accessories – for you or the kids! Patent leather Mary Janes for the girls and little loafers for the dapper little men will make all the difference!


We hope this helps you put together stunning family photos you’ll cherish for years to come. If you need more help finding coordinating looks, come by Little Birdie’s Boutique’s Georgetown shop!


Links for photo:

Little English Button Down Shirt – Frierson Plaid:

Little English Saratoga Bubble Set:

Shoshanna Marina Ruffled Dress:

Grayers Hutton Wool Twill Sport Coat:

Elephantito Club Loafer Natural:

Elephantito Red Charlotte Mary Jane:

Elephantito Crossed Ballerina in Red Patent:


Wishing everyone a happy holiday season,

The Little English Team

 Little English Team Photo


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