bella tunno oscar the owl lovie with teething rings
Oscar the Owl Happy Sidekick
Bella Tunno

Oscar the Owl Happy Sidekick

This soft lovey is designed for cuddles and teething with a mix of wood and silicone teething rings to make both baby and mom happy.
The wood ring is removable to wash, replace with a pacifier or even hook the Velcro loop to the stroller or carrier.
  • Teething rings soothe sore gums
  • Comforting cheerful rattle
  • Velcro loop for pacifier or stroller
  • Size: 13.5 inch from head to toe

I’m Oscar the Owl, and I’m ready right now to find a new home with YOU! I travel by night, I don’t need much light and my favorite saying is “Hooo.”

I’ve been on a quest, Flying from east to west for many miles, I flew. I love to sing and to dance, and if you give me a chance I’ll be your best friend through and through.

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